tumblr just sold for @$3 million

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tumblr just sold for @$3 million

Post by TB303 » 14 Aug 2019, 03:06

You read that right, it wasn't a typo. Once mighty Tumblr was just sold from Verizon/Yahoo to Wordpress for about 3 million dollars.

Yahoo bought it a few years back at $1.1 billion (2013).

In December of last year Tumblr banned 'adult content' and anything found 'offensive'.

Many counter cultural interests, fetish communities, and the gay/lesbian etc community were closed out and their users were banned.

Traffic has hit all time lows. Apparently people do not like being banned or having their free speech curtailed on 'social media', the supposed new voice of the people. Selling at 0.3% of previous worth may be a sign of the market is correcting for an overreach of banning and deplatforming people who don't fit a certain mold or group think.

I know many people who have been banned or blocked from free speech on 'social media platforms' in the past three months.
One person was my 80 year old aunt defending basic conservative views. She argued the value of hard work, not trusting big government and faith. What a radical and dangerous person!

I was 'Instabanned' 2 weeks ago for getting engaged in what I though was a decent and fair argument about politics with some Bernie-bros. Without facts and a lot of name calling on their behalf, I was banned....

Many of my favorite Youtube producers who made missing persons/ true crime/ American history channels have all been defunded and or deplatformed because they did not meet 'Youtube stadards'. Most have left.

At some point enough is enough. You can not sanitize the human condition. Voices of opposition help build stronger voices toward solutions. Otherwise we are left with extremism and group think.

I celebrated the official fall of Tumblr today.

Somehow this was missed by most of the main stream media today.

I find it ironic, many of you heard it here first, on a fetish site.

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Re: tumblr just sold for @$3 million

Post by bangs-cutter » 14 Aug 2019, 05:06

Tumblr's downfall was their own doing. No sympathy. They failed to understand and appreciate their user base, and paid the financial price for it. It's the equivalent of a vegan taking over KFC, bans the sale of chicken on its restaurants, and wonder why customers stop coming. I hope that other social media platforms learn from this. These mega corporations don't care about your "feelings". They need to be hit where it hurts hardest; their wallets.

I follow history channels on YouTube, and even they complained about the ridiculousness of YouTube's policy banning things which do not conform to "community standards". It's highly subjective what those standards are, and basically is just a leeway for them to enforce whatever they want. In those history channels for example, they can no longer display the swastika symbol, even though it is used in real historical context covering the Nazi Germany era. It's one thing to ban the use of the swastika symbol in modern times to curb neo-Nazis, but it's another thing to ban it when it is used for history discussions.

I am from Australia, and the hottest issue now (regarding free speech) is the case of former rugby player Israel Folau. For those who are not aware, it basically went like this. He is a conservative Christian, and he once wrote on his Instagram, a paraphrase of a Bible verse stating a long list of sins (including homosexuality), and that those people are going to hell because of such sins. The whole thing got blown out of proportion by the media. He got sacked from the rugby team due to the "homophobic" Instagram post. He has been fighting back against his unfair dismissal since. There is now currently a court case where he is filing a lawsuit against Rugby Australia for his unfair dismissal.

The Western media is becoming increasingly left biased, and free speech is increasingly censored in the progressive and woke movement. Political correctness, especially in the Anglophone world, is increasingly getting out of hand. People voicing even moderate conservative views, are shouted down by the left, branded as bigots, xenophobes, homophobes, etc (insert name-calling).

I find it amusing that the developed English-speaking countries (USA, Canada, UK, Australia), are trying to move towards making everything gender-neutral. While those in the Romance language countries (e.g. France, Spain, Italy), actually take pride in their gendered language, and snub at the Anglophone countries' ridiculousness of making everything gender neutral and politically correct.
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Re: tumblr just sold for @$3 million

Post by kensrs » 14 Aug 2019, 05:10

buy it, bring back adult content, make money :)

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Re: tumblr just sold for @$3 million

Post by Slimese4ason » 14 Aug 2019, 05:13

How the mighty have fallen

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Re: tumblr just sold for @$3 million

Post by ~svenhair » 14 Aug 2019, 07:37

You can’t ignore that the cultural world view of avoiding personal offenses has changed the rules for everyone. In the end, as a culture, we are more divided than ever. To suggest that YouTube will suffer the same fate however is naive. Business owners have been sanitizing the human condition and regulating morality to please customers forever and always will be. If they didn’t, I’m sure that snuff movie producers and pedophiles would be looking for a new cultural norm right along with the pornographers. The free market system is t perfect, but it works. I for one will not lament over Tumblr. I once even took part in reporting shocking violent content that I thought went too far. They must have agreed because I fit a note back saying thank you for reporting this we have taken it down. I’ve done the same on YouTube and I’ve even had the same done to some of my haircut videos.

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Re: tumblr just sold for @$3 million

Post by whateverz » 14 Aug 2019, 08:03

The internet is 4 porn.

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Re: tumblr just sold for @$3 million

Post by Tizona » 14 Aug 2019, 12:39

Can honestly say in fifteen years of browsing I haven't once visited tumblr.
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