TikTik download ban in the US

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TikTik download ban in the US

Post by bangs-cutter »

From Sunday 20 Sept onwards, the US will ban the download of TikTok. From what I understand, you can still use TikTok if it is already installed, but you won't be able to download them (legally) anymore from Sunday onwards. There are ways to get around it for the tech-savvy of course, as with anything on the internet. But still, it would have a significant impact on the current teenager generation who use TikTok so much.

It would be an interesting social observation to see how this impacts the "TikTok generation". Will the current users just keep using it? Will there be a migration to another platform? Will there be a split in the generation into the "before ban" camp and "after ban" camp?

What alternative is there to TikTok? This could be an opportunity to make money by investing into obscure platforms similar to TikTok, in anticipation of the mass migration of teenagers away from TikTok.

And it would also affect us here, since we do consume hair-related content from TikTok, albeit not on the scale of YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.

(On related news, WeChat will also be banned, but this has no effect on our community in terms of what we consume.)
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Re: TikTik download ban in the US

Post by klaatu48 »

All because teenagers outwitted an oversized man-baby. Unreal.

(I mean, the Chinese connections may be worrisome, but...come on. He didn't give two shots about that before Tulsa.)
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Re: TikTik download ban in the US

Post by Baldfan »

Instagram is trying really hard to replace it with their Reels feature, which is primarily re-uploaded Tik Toks so far
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Re: TikTik download ban in the US

Post by kensrs »

Guessing they will sell their US Operations or the whole company in the next few weeks, doubt they just leave with no deal because it is worth so much money. Either that or they may try to work with Biden campaign to get back into the country if they think he will win but then they are effectively betting their future on an unpredictable election which doesn't sound smart.
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