youtube comments disabled or removed in videos with minors

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youtube comments disabled or removed in videos with minors

Post by mco666 » 20 Mar 2020, 17:01

Now I know why some videos have disabled comments or why comments disappear, this happens if youtube thinks there is a child or someone underage in the video.
I found this answer after a father asked about why his son's videos have comments disabled:
We have disabled comments for tens of millions of videos that may include minors and are therefore at risk of predatory comments. As part of these actions, comments may be temporarily disabled on some or all of your videos.
We know that comments are a fundamental way for content creators to connect with the community, but this was an important step towards the safety of minors on YouTube and a precaution as we work to further improve our systems. We are investing more in the tools we have to detect and remove this content in comments, videos and other areas of YouTube.
If you are a parent or have minors in your videos, please read our privacy and security center and consider keeping your comments off.
If you re-enable your comments, you must carefully review all new comments for approval before they are posted to your videos.
I hope this helps!

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Re: youtube comments disabled or removed in videos with minors

Post by Tizona » 20 Mar 2020, 17:39

Good. The nonces never know when to quit, so something had to give.

They'll all have no doubt migrated to TikTok and Discord now anyway, cruising under multiple aliases - grooming the little tiddlywinks with one hand, fondling their ponytail collection with the other.
בלש פגום

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Re: youtube comments disabled or removed in videos with minors

Post by fastmandan88 » 22 Mar 2020, 02:48

Look up "Elsagate" and look at this Tosh.O video below. Those conspiracy theorists were correct all along. Youtube and Google dragged their feet on putting a halt to this issue until around Spring 2019 and they made it permanent in December 2019 with the new Youtube rules. Also notice how Netflix now has a "for children" option? It all stems from the infamous "Elsagate" and what Tosh.O was investigating in 2017. Tosh.O even had to call the FBI he was so shell-shocked what he discovered. ... uper-girls

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