Indian haircut fetishist's meme

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Indian haircut fetishist's meme

Post by bangs-cutter » 13 Feb 2020, 16:44

An Indian hair fetishist posted the bottom photo and it appeared on my Facebook news feed. I noticed the similarities with the more famous meme (top photo). Couldn't resist putting them together for comparison. :lol:

It's not "just" a bang cut! I'm a sucker for bang chops!

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Re: Indian haircut fetishist's meme

Post by fastmandan88 » 14 Feb 2020, 23:27

It's refreshing when we see the Indian hotties do their headshaves in a hair salon or anywhere except the Indian temples.

My all-time favorite Indian headshave. Producer-worthy level woman and captured very well by an amateur (probably her bald fetishist husband, haha!!!):

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