China 70th Anniversary Military Parade (Women Soldiers)

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China 70th Anniversary Military Parade (Women Soldiers)

Post by bangs-cutter » 04 Oct 2019, 02:56

I am aware this is a potentially controversial topic. But please remember the forum rules, and don't mention political issues. This post is about the female soldiers marching in the parade.

China recently celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party in power, with a grand military parade.

This is the full video.

Notice the women soldiers.

At 9:31, you see them wearing skirt, and all have the same chin length bob style.

Another special regiment at 12:00, wearing gorgeous red uniforms, with their hair back in a low style.

There's just something mesmerising about women soldiers in beautiful uniform marching in unison, all having the same hairstyle. :lol:
It's not "just" a bang cut! I'm a sucker for bang chops!

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Re: China 70th Anniversary Military Parade (Women Soldiers)

Post by ~svenhair » 04 Oct 2019, 03:39

Deadly women soldiers, hopefully they won’t be invading anytime soon :shock:

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