Bad ombres and bad puns...

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Bad ombres and bad puns...

Post by klaatu48 » 30 Oct 2018, 14:54

So, a young woman I know had gorgeous, dark brown hair that's gotten a little shorter lately, but still is rather long. This morning I saw her, and now she's completely blonde, but it's a really bad blonde -- very straw like and with dark roots that are three inches or so long. It looks pretty trailer trashy, like she bleached it months ago and never bothered with the upkeep. I asked a mutual acquaintance if the girl had done that on purpose, and she said yes and no. Apparently the girl had requested an ombre and wound up with ... that, and she'spissed about it.

Anyway, that's the background story for why I spent two minutes making the graphic below in reply, and this is really the only place I can share it with... I've been giggling about it all morning. :-)
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