Get me thinking .... wondering .....

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Get me thinking .... wondering .....

Post by JimB » 04 Sep 2018, 17:15

I got to thinking, wondering, as I look through Hvids, my Flickr pages, my FB pages, even YT, if I was ahead of time on my "thinking, wondering, about women/girls and short hair cuts.

I keep remembering back to the summer of 1950.

My mother's side of the family would get together at her parents on Sunday afternoons and evenings.

Around 4pm I would join my mother, her sisters and sister-in-law, my grandmother, my sister, and my older female cousin to watch television.

One hot and humid Sunday as I was watching the Sid Caesar program, LIVE at that, someone said, "how hot it has been and she was thinking about cutting her hair shorter. My mom, her sisters and sister-in-law, my sister, and older female cousins had ( what was considered ) short hair cuts, just around the collar.

What out thinking I said, "maybe you should cut your hair short like I do". I had my usual Summer half inch crew cut.

Well, they all started laughing at me, which got me upset, and I got up and went to my mother, thinking she would give a little comfort. Instead she just laughed a little more.

I then went to my grandmother. She picked up and held me and told me, "hard-tack ( her nick name for me -- I once sat on a inch long tack and it bent ) women do not cut their that short. Only boys and men".

At least she gave me some comfort.

Like I said it has got me thinking, wondering, if back then I was ahead of times in my thinking of women/girls and short hair cuts!!!!!
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Re: Get me thinking .... wondering .....

Post by haircutcut » 04 Sep 2018, 17:48

write stories and post here. why people share stories less here even during 1hss?

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