Pc specs

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Pc specs

Post by Haircutlover20 » 06 Aug 2018, 21:13

Im getting a pc soon for gaming what are your specs?

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Re: Pc specs

Post by Tailcutter » 06 Aug 2018, 21:41

Alienware...'nuff said

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Re: Pc specs

Post by rert » 07 Aug 2018, 05:59

Build it yourself you can get twice the bang for your buck...
Mines a little dated now but
Msi r9 390 gaming 8g
16gb Corsair vengeance ram
500gb Samsung 850 pro ssd

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Re: Pc specs

Post by scissortooth » 07 Aug 2018, 09:28

Huh, I7-6700K dated... I still have an I5-2500K with Asus P67 Sabretooth motherboard... And it runs quite well with MSI GTX 1070, which I was fortunate enough to buy before the crypto madness came in... It basically still costs the same as when I bought it, last time I checked. The CPU is probably a little bit of a bottleneck now, though (can't say I feel it in games, I max out almost anything and can still play with 30+FPS on a 1440p monitor (I don't play e-sports so cinematic FPS is good enough for me), so I'm planning to give my electronic buddy a little makeover with a new medium class mobo, maybe an I5-8600K (people say it's as much of a breakthrough as I5-2500K once was and benchmarks seem to confirm that) and faster mem (I have 16GB of some Kingstron DDR3 now). Still, I won't do it earlier than next year so I guess there might be a new generation of CPUs coming from Intel by then - we'll see how it fares. I'm no Intel fanboy, but I basically always had a CPU from them, same as sticking to Nvidia with GPUs, so I doubt I'm going to change that habit now.

Oh, and whoever doesn't have an SSD yet - really, get one, even some low tier one, as long as it comes from a reputable manufacturer (mine's WD). Even if only a small one for the system partition. It really makes a difference in everyday use. Just read a bit on how to reduce its "wear and tear", because as you probably well know, SSDs have, at least theoretically, shorter lifespan that traditional HDs.


Re: Pc specs

Post by Haircutlover20 » 07 Aug 2018, 15:01

Do any of you think G-sync is worth it? because im thinking of getting a monitor with it

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Re: Pc specs

Post by Dave » 08 Aug 2018, 18:55

Get a Ryzen 2XXX and 16gb ram at least.
An SSD, and gtx 1060 at minimum.

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Re: Pc specs

Post by Hopkins » 18 Nov 2018, 02:40

If you wanna build a PC there is no better time to do it than now. Last year when I built mine the prices where high in the sky, now you can get the parts for literally half the price.
By the way I have an Biostar B350GT5,AMD Ryzen 1600, MSI Vega 56, G.Skill Ripjaws V DDR4 16 gb @3000Mhz, Sandisk 500 Gb SSD, Acer XF270HUA freesync monitor.

And yes, the SSD makes a HUGE difference so it is really worth to at least for system partition. And the Freesync feature is truly amazing and if you can afford it it is wort it! I had always Intel before, that's the first time I went full AMD because it was an incredible deal.

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Re: Pc specs

Post by FetishPhoto » 19 Nov 2018, 15:34

Currently my rig is a little dated - i7-4790k @4.5Ghz, Corsair 32GB DR3, Samsung 250GB EVO SSD, MSI 970 Extreme Gaming and other stuff. Then again it's more a work rig, so it's getting the job done reliably at the moment.

That being said, I'm debating a major upgrade by end of year if there are some good Black Friday specials. If I do upgrade I would consider a 2070 or 2080 card, going the M.I. SSD route and for the first time in many years I'm really leaning towards one of the new Ryzen chips. For the price the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2950X is a incredible.

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