Kat Surth .....

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Kat Surth .....

Post by JimB » 30 Apr 2017, 21:25

I thought I would share this information about Kat, which she posted, today, on her Facebook and Twitter pages.

In case you do not know, Kat has, and is being treated for, Thyroid Cancer. She has started this page about her sad trip through her treatment.

Kat Surth
6 hrs ·
For those who've been asking me about my health, I created a website for the thyroid cancer part of it. :) http://www.ihavethyroidcancer.com/

Please keep her in your prayers and thoughts.

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Re: Kat Surth .....

Post by kensrs » 30 Apr 2017, 21:52

Based on her last post it seems like it could be good news.
My suggestion to anyone who is reading this and has health insurance or can afford it, get blood work done every 6 months.
Tell them you want everything checked every time, very few Drs will say no to it (if they do, find a new one) and it can help detect things way earlier. If everyone did this, death rate by cancers and other diseases would go way down. Early detection is key :)

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Re: Kat Surth .....

Post by Fermat_returns » 04 May 2017, 08:24

Wow... terrible bad news, followed by what looks like good news. I hope the news stays good.

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Re: Kat Surth .....

Post by Buzzi99 » 07 May 2017, 15:06

Sorry for German:

Habe ich das Richtig verstanden? Sie hat Schildrüsenkrebs?
Auch Du scheiße,
Gute Besserung
Sorry, but my english is not good

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