That's right! Music!

What do all ya hairheads listen to? In my life I went through fascinations with different genres, finally ending up as an enthusiast of such a wide array of those that I don’t really keep track of it. Instead of yapping about it too much, let me just perhaps share with you some of the best music I encountered in my life and I encourage you to do the same :). The only requirement for posting here is a given piece of music really touching your soul. I’ll start with my recent discoveries and, if necessary, will keep this thread alive with those from days slightly more gone by. No worries, I have a large stockpile :D. So, here it goes:


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When you said Metrik I thought you meant Metric. Metric from Canada is more my cup of tea.

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I also listen to a wide variety. Today was 5’nizza while I was doing paperwork.
They’re a Ukrainian duo doing reggae/folk. Here is a Bob Marley cover:

I like things that are off and cross boundaries.

Hayseed Dixie (bluegrass covers of rock/pop tunes)

The Cleverlys (bluegrass covers of anything)

And the last concert I saw in Vegas before the lockdowns Richard Cheese (lounge covers of rap/rock)

I saw these guys on a street in Munich at Marienplatz a few years ago:
Konnexion Balkon

For something a little more serious: Carolina Chocolate Drops. I think Rhiannon Giddens is incredibly talented.

Cool topic.

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Well then something specially for you guys from me:


Also, I somehow imagined you being into grindcore or black metal or stuff like that, no compromise, off with their brows and all ;).


Thanks for sending those. I somehow never heard of Seasick Steve, but I’ve been listening to it all day. Wardruna is pretty cool too - not something I’d heard before.

I like Royal Crown Revue. In a similar style: I got to see Brian Setzer open for Bob Dylan about 20 years ago - that was a great show.

I’ll throw in 2 more:

The Quebe Sisters (based in Tx) (they remind me of the Andrews sisters a little). I’d go see them anytime they were nearby.

Trampled by Turtles (based in MN): They were somewhat popular for a while.