Starlink followup

In the old forum there was a thread about Starlink and I said I’d reply when I got the system. Got my system yesterday after ordering it in mid-feb.

So far (and it’s only been two days), it is way better than Viasat which is what I had before. There is no data cap (at least for now) and the speed/latency is 5x improved or better and for 2/3rds the price (after buying the equipment).

I put the dish out in the back yard (I’ll mount it to the roof this weekend) with the cable drilled through the wall, and it claims it has good signal - though there may be some trees in the way at ground level.

I’m seeing between 80 and 200 Mbps down with an average around 120. 15-30 up average near 18. Latency seems to be between 30 and 100 with averages near 70.

Compared to my previous 20 (or much less after 100Gb cap) down, 1 up, and 250+ latency, it’s night and day.

Only 1 outage so far and I can’t rule out that it was related to self-update or being a new install, as it was within an hour of setup, lasted only 1-2 mins. Chugging along solid since.

I live in the north central us, out in the woods. If you’re stuck with only traditional rural options, I’d recommend it.


I have Starlink as well. I have been testing it for use with our consultants in remote areas. Its a game changer. I have had more than 100 zoom meetings with video over the past few months without a without a glitch. I have it integrated into my Ubiquity home network as my back up to my gig E cable ( I also live in the upper Midwest US(South Dakota). Less trees but just as cold.

A person is no longer tied to the any geo location.

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