Sort of an odd question

I realize that I worry far too much about what other people may think, however, I still have an odd question for any hairstylists in here:

How weird would it be if I went into a salon and asked for a half inch trim (I have long hair) and then asked if she could do it with clippers? Still would be just wanting a half inch trim, but I would love to have her do it with clippers. Would she immediately think “What’s wrong with this lady?” I can’t imagine that would be a “normal” request…


I’ve seen some trims done with clippers that looked very precise.
I don’t think you should worry at all about asking for that, as well as the half inch only trim. Just make sure it’s a stylist you trust.

My thought is that it wouldn’t be a weird request, but it might be something a stylist might not be comfortable doing if they feel more skilled with scissors for something like that.

But I’m not a stylist, so please apply any and all grains of salt.

Also not a hairstylist, but if you’re concerned about it, I would have thought the least ‘weird’ way would be to mention that you saw a video of it being done that way, it looked very neat and precise, and ask if they could do it that way? Insisting that it must be done that way might seem odd.

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I am a stylist!! Go in and ask for a blunt 1/2 inch with clippers. No won will ask why…if they do tell then you like the blunt look.

If you are near NYC let me know I’ll do it for ya.

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I concur with hoh76. At the end of the day, you’re specifying preferences for a service that you are availing.

Thanks for the replies!