Some members

44 videos posted in 3 hours. Behavior of some members is horrifying.

are we anonymous because of these scary monsters among us?

One could debate the opposite…those posts are done by “bots”…they take “popular” videos and snag them and repost them for a reason. So they get the hits and generate money. Doesn’t sound like a lot since YouTube doesn’t give you a lot unless the hits climb pretty high…however do this with several hundred popular videos and it adds up quick.

So one could say these videos are so damn popular as is the demand for them that the bot creators are capitalizing in it. Shows the strength in the community. Just my 2 cents…I don’t of course agree with the practice.

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Most of these accounts can’t make money. You need 1k subs and 4,000 hours of watched content to monetize now. Couple this with the fact that youtube is becoming better at spotting bots (especially when they post 100 vids in a single day) and its unlikely this account will survive more than a few days/weeks till it gets banned.