Saving content from instagram to harddrive?

With my ancient Linux computer that doesn’t get any updates anymore, I could download photos and videos from instagram without any problems, just by using “Save file as” in Firefox: that would download the html file and all connected files into a folder. Sure, that would download a lot of unnecessary junk, too, but the fullsized pictures would always be there.

No such luck with using the current Firefox (no flash player anymore) on Windows 10.

Is there still a way I can download photos and videos from instagram - or twitter, for that matter? Maybe an add-on for Firefox or something?
Do maybe some of you know? Thanks in advance for your advice.

Many apps out there or screen shot photos

Most browsers have a “Developer Tools” function. I think Chrome’s are the easiest to use; generally you can just ctrl+F and search for .jpg or .mp4 files. On Insta, you can also right click and select “view source” to see the code. For whatever reason, being signed out or in incognito mode on Chrome allows you to access the source file most easily. I can do a more detailed step by step soon. But… if it’s on your screen, the source file is somewhere, and unless it’s mega-encrypted, you can grab it if you’re persistent.

I use ‘Video Download Helper’ and ‘Media Helper’.

Thanks guys for the recommendations. I’ll see what I can do.

You should already have Python, so InstaLooter should work. It is available on PyPI, so all you have to do is “pip install InstaLooter”.

You should be able to use screen record for videos and screenshot for photos