Ok. Let’s talk pets… what camp(s) are you in.

  • Dog person
  • Cat person
  • Reptile person
  • Fish person
  • Something else person
  • No Pets for me, thanks

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In the something else category, we’ve had rodents (obviously), amphibians, rabbits, birds, and a hedgehog.

We take in the unwanted and unadoptables from local shelters/rehabers. No kids at home, so we take the tougher cases - often the ‘last chance’ cases that can’t go back.

Big believer in don’t shop-adopt. And that most behavioral problems are not with the animal, but the human’s behaviors.


My “Granddog” is a 95 pound mutt (lab, german shepherd, whatever else) who absolutely loves to go with me to the dog park. I’m not sure who enjoys him playing more, he or me. We don’t have any grandchildren so you can imagine how spoiled rotten that dog is. I wouldn’t have it any other way. :wink:
I couldn’t agree more with you about adopting and also the behavioral problems, and I think it’s awesome that y’all do what you do for the “last chance” cases.

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Have 2 cats of my own + 1 dog and 1 cat at the same house. I like all of them, although I am a bit more fond of cats. All of them adopted from animal shelter except one of my cats who I got from a relative after they adopted a pregnant cat (who got 4 kittens later, and one of those is him).

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We have a very spoiled dog. He is our third son. He goes with us everywhere.
He used to fly with me when I had my plane.


Had 3 dogs, a snake, and some bearded dragons. Used to work at a pet store though as a caretaker more or less so I basically have cared for every type of pet imaginable more or less. Loved almost all of them aside from mice and hamsters (little fuckers used to bite the hell out of me no matter what, especially the hamsters. Special shout-out to dwarf hamsters who didn’t bite me).


We had a guinea pig that bit like hell too. Also would kick the wood shavings out of the cage all over the place. My wife ended up taking it back to the pet store, cage and all, and letting them sell the little shit to some other schmuck.

Didn’t realize you were a pilot, what did/ do you fly? I have a few hours but never finished my license.

Handsome fella!

You beat me to the question lol.
My brother in law wasn’t a pilot but was in the Air National Guard at Dobbins AFB starting with F100’s and finishing with F15’s.
He got to go up in an F4 and, you guessed it, puked. I’m pretty damn sure I would too lol.
I’ve had the pleasure to fly in a Pilatus PC-12 a few times, as well as a King Air 300. Both were above my pay grade, without question.

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I used to fly between Sioux Falls and Chicago every week for almost 10 years. I started with a DIamond DA 40 but after a couple of icing incidents I upgraded to a Diamond Twinstar DA42. Gave it up about 3 years ago. My firm got big enough the I work mostly from home. I now longer had a mission so it was hard to justify to keep the plane.

If I ever get a mission again , I will definitely get a plane.

This was my mistress

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