Long fingernails

So there was a small thread on this on the old board but I was wondering if anyone else has similar feelings towards nails as they do hair ?

For example, as much as I love long, cared for and manicured fingernails, it’s a lot of fun to watch when it’s time for the big chop.

In my case it’s totally different, these two things I mean. Hair is one of the main things to me, while fingernails are basically an accessory of sorts. I like them complementing the look I like best but other than that they do not interest me that much.

Eyebrows, on the other hand, are to me one of the major elements too, not as important as hair but not far behind either.

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It’s odd how much tastes can differ. I didnt think.about eyebrows at all like that, for me they just compliment a certain look.

Always interesting to hear differing preferences so thanks for sharing.

Eyebrows can make or break a beautiful face, in my opinion. I don’t have a kink in regard to altering them or anything, but I think the role they play in a woman’s appearance is really underappreciated in general.

Nails, meanwhile… they can certainly be a plus, but they’d have to be really gross for me to notice them as a negative. I can see how the “change in look” factor could apply to seeing long nails cut off, though. Sort of going from elegant socialite to farmgirl-next-door.

I’d never thought of eyebrows like that and you’re totally right about how much it can change the perception of face shape.

Love how you described the change and a lot of it is that. From elegant to more down to earth and normal.

It also changes the tactile quality of course as well. From being scratched with talons to soft skin after they’ve been snipped down

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TOTAL agreement, Chris. LOVE long and very long fingernails, and LOVE to see them get cut short. Material of this sort is rarer than hen’s teeth, unfortunately. I keep an eye on clips4sale under fingernail fetish (use key word “cut”). Also phrases like “cutting my long nails” on youtube. About 6 months back or so, elena_beauty cut off her 7-8 inch nails, the longest in Russia. A MOST enjoyable video (for sale at clips4sale). I have bought 3 or 4 nail cutting videos from clips4sale.


Hi gigin, what a nice surprise to meet someone with a possibly even weirder interest than hair :sweat_smile:.

Seems like we have exactly the same tactic in order to find material that as you.say, is pretty rare. I’d be surprised if we hadn’t seen almost the exact same material.

If you don’t mind a couple of questioms, if be intrigued to know… Scissors or mail slippers ? And any idea how it got started, where the interest came from ?

Prefer scissors over nailclippers. And regular big scissors are better than special nail scissors (if I had a choice). Not sure how it started. Haircutting fetish started first. As far as nails, guessing it was just an outgrowth of seeing long hair being cut. Since haircutting videos seem a dime-a-dozen these days, I almost have more interest in long fingernail cutting, since it’s so rare.

Toenails, on the other hand, I find MAJOR disgusting. So when I search on youtube, I make sure to include -toe -toenail -toenails so those results are much less likely to come up.

Aynna Williams recently cut her nails. She had nails two or three feet long. Fun to see them go, but it was done so “clinically” and “sterile” that it wasn’t was good as I might have hoped. I would have preferred seeing someone with big kitchen scissors take her hands and cut them off that way.

This is a VERY special video for me…have “enjoyed” quite a few times…

And here is a playlist with some good stuff, although the person doesn’t update that often…


Yep I reckon that we share very similar preferences with our nail fascination, honestly, so much I feel the same way in with regards to the scissor choice and pretty much everything else.

I guess for me the fascination started from a friend who had beautiful nails and would announce every so often that she’s going to cut them, and off they’d come.

There was also a Nokia phone advert on the tv in the UK years back featuring a gorgeous woman with a fantastic long bob chopping her long red nails with a pair of scissors. I can’t seem to find it annoyingly just now.

Only been indulged by a few partners unfortunately. One used to, ahem " go on top of me " when they were nice and long and clip them down. Very pleasant. I’ve been asking my current gf but she always forgets and one day they’re short. She files unfortunately.

Going back years as well to the big old hair forum now sadly defuct, other kinks came up on the forum so I mentioned this. Kat Surth got in touch and said she’d gladly do it, unfortunately her nails weren’t too wrong but was so pleased she agreed to make that vid. I’m sure its probably on her YouTube channel.

Oh and thanks for sending the videos, I’ve definitely seen the video you posted first quite a few times !

Yeah, and once you realise it, you can’t un-realise it :stuck_out_tongue: For me it started with just preferring them “done” rather than left untamed. Later I realised I prefer them thinner, like, late90s/early00s thin, and later came fascination with thin and super-thin tweezed ones and even thin or super-thin ones painted after shaving/plucking the natural ones off.

You can imagine how much I hated the trend that Cara Delavigne (I think?) started…

Also, I think this might need a separate thread… I’ll handle that after I return from vacation :slight_smile:

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I remember the Nokia/Nails ad also. Excellent. Can’t find it at the moment. I like the part where the other sales lady hands the scissors over to the Uma Thurman-looking lady with those gorgeous red nails. I always liked to think that that other sales lady was in charge, and it was her way of saying “Those nails are much too long. Cut them off at once, if you’re going to work here”. I know that wasn’t the set up, but I liked to pretend it was.

I remember the Kat Surth video also. SOOO sweet of her to make that.

Here is one of, maybe the best? only? “nail cutting tease” videos in existence…

I REALLY thought she was going to do the deed! Would have been magical!

And here is one from many years back…

Remember this movie? Cloris Leachman, as Claire/Phantom Fox has BEAUTIFUL very long nails throughout, only to have them all break off short!


Well looky looky what I found!.. Not good quality, but better than nothing. The “infamous” Nokia/Long Fingernails ad…

Took a little digging, but here it is.


I have fairly strong nails and can grow them out to around 5mm easily. I find it satisfying to occasionally and spontaneously chop them all off, usually with scissors. It’s a little bit of a turn on too if I am honest. It just feels good to have them short sometimes, different. It’s hard to describe.

@gigin Well done for finding the Nokia ad, I had a search last night but couldn’t find it. Your Googling skills are much better than mine it seems. I had a very similar narrative with regards to that video along the lines of: “You want to work here ? Then those impractical nails have to go right now”

I couldn’t even find that Kat Surth video but yes, it was so nice of her to make that just because we’d been chatting on a forum.

Thanks so much for that nail cutting tease video, never seen it before and you’re right, they are incredibly rare. Even teasing about a chop is enough to get me going and is often better than actual cutting if the right words are used.

@Dickinson That’s wonderful to hear that you chop them all down occasionially. It must be a relief in some ways to go back to practical short nails after having them long.

I’ve only had the experience being on the “recieving end” of nails but it’s amazing to feel the contrast between long and sharp scratches to soft fingertips. It’s also a nice thought that impractical but pretty nails have been clipped down to something much more practical.

I think a lot of my fascination with both long nails and hair stems from the idea of beauty vs practicality. It also gets me that both long hair and nails take so long to grow with a lot of maintenance needed but they can both be taken short so quickly.

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I do like the idea of long, manicured nails being chopped off short, plain and practical, as a rejection of vanity and pride. I also have much the same feelings about hair.

The idea you mention of it taking a long time and a lot of effort to grow either, but they can be taken short so quickly and (almost) irrevocably is also something I’ve thought about a lot…

A quick plug for some of my (and hairscribe’s) stories which feature nails being chopped off, though the focus is much more on hair.


(Several chapters of ‘A Good Tidy Up’ and most of the ‘Christine’ stories)

In my experience nails are fast growing compared to hair. I can grow my nails out for a couple of months and have them be about as long as can practically manage.

Sort nails can be less practical as I use my long nails to open things etc. but it still feels good to chop them all off for some reason.

Short hair is the same, short is not always more practical as long hair is easier to tie back and forget about. I guess the most practical haircut is either a bob that is long enough to be tied back but no longer than necessary or a full crop/buzz/shave.

When I say long, this is probably about my limit, not crazy-long.


I really didn’t expect this thread I started to get nearly the response of had done so thanks everyone for contributing your thoughts.

@f35h I’ll need to take the time to have a read of some of your suggested stories.

@Dickinson I never thought of it quite like that, I guess short hair does still require a good amount of maintenance to look good. thanks for sending the pic too, like you, they are definitely at the start of what people would consider long. Still intriguing to read that you find a satisfaction in chopping them every so often !

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As a result of this thread I’m growing them as long as I can. As soon as one breaks they are all coming off!

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