Local TV talking head hair change

I been watching a local TV broadcaster for years . She has had a decent bob. For example:

It been growing out lately and tonight she showed up with this. I know some people like bangs but I think this is a serious down grade
Screen Shot 2021-11-29 at 5.02.30 PM


Sorry the they are just screen captures.

I do enjoy watching bangs cutting (especially a long curtain of hair combed down and chopped off :P) but I agree that she looks better in the top pic.
Speaking of TV news anchors, we had one on a local station doing early morning news…gorgeous lady (Indian/American) with a fantastic mane of long black hair. I dreamed of seeing her show up with a new haircut but it never happened dang it!

Its an old habit back to the old days before the internet, but watching hair changes on news anchors has always been a hobby. Back n the 90’s , it seemed like there were alot of long to short to long to short. Katie Couric comes to mind. Now beyond Jamie Yuccas there is very little interesting hair on TV news. Even Kennedy on fox has to succumbed to boring hair.

Others I used to track.

Kim Insley Kare11 news Minneapolis
Juliet Huddy Fox
Amelio Santanello WCCO Minneapolis
Hedi Collins CNN

There are others but I forget.

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Those were good times, I did the same with tuning into the news just for the potential hair changes. Now it seems most every local anchor has long hair with highlights.

Hi Murphy,

Thank you for sharing those pictures! I agree with you about her bangs. I just don’t think they are right for her. The bob is very pretty on her though.

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It will be interesting if she makes another change.

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I agree completely! :+1:

The weather channel girls as well.

And now they all have generic TV hair

Speaking of Weather Channel . Jenifer Lopez joined a local TV station WSB. At least she still have a nice bob.

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Cheryl Lemke 39
images (11)

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Janie Peterson Fox 9 Minneapolis back in the day


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Katie Couric with short hair


Regarding Weather Channel, I have been waiting for years for Jen Carfagno to go back to short hair but it keeps getting longer and longer. Long hair doesn’t look bad on her but short hair suits her incredibly well. She had short/shoulder length hair for most of her career but has been long for about 3 years now.

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Heidi Collins was my crush for many years… It’s a shame she’s pretty much just disappeared.