I’ve tried to register twice with no success only to be redirected back to the signup. I’ve emailed twice with no response, anyone else had this problem? The site looks extensive !

You really wonder, why a page greetings you with a lot of “Lorem ipsum”-Texts practically everywhere, that most offered Blog articles named all “Blogging Test”, where all ‘Members’ didn’t have any followers, followings, or activity, but several thousands ‘views’ didn’t really work properly?


What are you talking about ?? I’ve been surfing the site and have been able to view alot of material , but there’s alot closed off to non members. It’s a pretty comprehensive forum and seems to be legit from the material I’ve seen and the daily posts going up.
If it isnt legit, I dont see why it’s that large. Best I can tell it’s a UK site.

Hi, thanks for raising this, Ive just sent you an email regarding your account.
As for the blog page,this is still under construction, but once you’re a full member of the site you will be able to request access to lots of content.
You’re right, there are some testing posts, however they too will be updated in due course. Don’t let that put you off accessing other areas of the site.
See you over there