Hair colouring?

Am I alone in also loving hair colouring too? Especially if it’s a crazy or extreme colour. Paired with a long to short haircut is perfection. I’m waiting for a long to bright coloured Mohawk one day lol

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I love dark hair to bleaching before they put in the dye! Or blonde buzzcuts


I enjoy it too. :+1:
One of the asian sites used to do makeovers that included cutting, bleaching and coloring (including bright red, orange, yellow, etc), and then very tight perms. Not sure if they’re still around.

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So much to like about a good hair color. I like natural colors, anywhere from platinum to black and all points in between.

I love the color changes, especially from a medium brown to a golden blonde.

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Found this in the short hair section. Pretty extreme color getting cut.

Perfect, thank you!