Football Season is drawing closer!

With all due respect to our friends across the pond who refer to Soccer as football :laughing:, Football Season will get cranked up in a month. I’m so ready.
It’s hot as two Hells here at the moment, but I can almost see it now… :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: Cold beer, grills fired up, big screen TV in the man cave or set up outside with the fire going.
Georgia Bulldawgs and Atlanta Falcons fan here. The former looks pretty damn good (hopefully) this season. The latter is going through a new regime change so we’ll wait and see.
Feel free to weigh in with your teams and trash talking (or moaning/groaning)!

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I’m across the pond. At least OUR football actually uses the feet to control the ball :rofl:

Oh, btw… BEAR DOWN ! :football:


Indeed sir! No disrespect intended toward the other great sport :smiley:

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The Eagles are providing more reason for concern than for hope, so… I’m pretty meh toward this season.

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The Falcons have weapons on offense but the o-line is a question (yet again).
Defense…who the heck knows? I am optimistic to have Dean Pees as our new DC.

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There is one member here in particular (he knows who he is) that is a Bama fan.
The Dawgs are gonna get over the hump finally this year and take down Darth Vader in the SEC Title game… :pray:

All I can say is I am a Vikings fan. Eventual heart break is the norm

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I think kensrs is too. I remember cheering for the Vikes in the playoffs a while back (SKOL!) long after my Falcons had been eliminated in the regular season on kensrs behalf. It didn’t do any good. At least there was that miracle win against the Aints on the missed tackle at the very end of the game for y’all. :wink:

Bears fan (lived there 15 years), I feel your pain!

If you’re talking heartache just remember this: 28-3, as in the lead my Falcons had late in the third quarter against the Pats in the Super Bowl.
We forgot how to A) let the clock run down to the last second before snapping the ball, and B) run the damn football to kill clock when you’re leading late in the game.
At least my friend here at H-vids Chas45 got to enjoy another Super Bowl win.

Chicago Bears babbbyyyy


Bears fan in the UK - I feel the pain, especially when it happens on a late game, 'cause they are shown live in the UK on Game Pass and don’t kick off until 1.20am…

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I’ve heard some behind the scenes talk that Justin Fields has been lighting it up at the Bears camp.
I’m a Georgia fan, and when he left UGA for Ohio State, there was a big stink here about him not getting a chance here, I was/am a huge Jake Fromm fan, and he was coming off what should have been a National Championship as a true freshman, so it was a tough situation from day one when Fields got to UGA. There were times when I would have liked to have seen him utilized more (particularly against LSU when Fromm was ineffective) but it didn’t happen.
I hope he has a hell of a career in the NFL. I think Bears fans are going to be happy with his work ethic and talents!

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Well at halftime of my Falcons game I decided it would be more fun to cut my grass.

1)Tampa Bay
2)Kansas City
3)LA Rams
4) (God I hate to say this) The Saints

My Georgia Bulldogs opened with a great effort against Clemson and so far have not allowed a touchdown on defense in two games.
I’m looking forward to Bama and Florida.

A lot of NFC North fans here. The good news is we’re all still tied for first… I guess.

I got a feeling is going to be a long season for NFC North fans.

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Go Dawgs! And, sigh, maybe the Falcons will get it together in a few games. Doesn’t look great so far :weary:

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Yeah, that Falcons game was hard to watch. Started off OK but by halftime I was cutting my lawn LOL.
Go Dawgs!

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Going out on a limb…probably alcohol related.
Falcons go 3-0 next three against Giants, Washington, and Jets.
After that, it’s back to reality ;).

Shifting over to College Ball thoughts…
Not sure if Bama is not as good as first thought or Florida is maybe a bit better.
Doesn’t matter …hate both :). Putting on the UT cap and playing Rocky Top this weekend (God I hate that frikkin’ song) in support of the Vols. As a fan of the SEC in general, we need that rivalry to grow new legs and get back to where it was in the past. Ain’t gonna happen this year, but just sayin’.
Bottom line…to hell with both of 'em. Go Dawgs!

Georgia barely scraped by today. 62-0.

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