Finding old page

There used to be an old page, Amanda or something. It has stories as well as haircut pics. Any idea what happened to it or does it still exist? Just remembered thanks to a hair story site.

I saw that story too! Here’s the wayback machine link:

Most of the pictures are missing, but the stories are still there.


Crazy to think “Carla” would now be about 40 years old.

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Found this thread when I went to post about the stories. I recently got permission from the old site admin to repost the stories. I’ve been working through them one per week with reformatting for the hairstorynetwork site.

Here’s the page of them if anyone else wants them:

I have an archive of I believe all the photos. I don’t have explicit permission to re-share them, just the stories. I think I have implicit permission, but reached out to Carla again to confirm. Many of them are of young children which in this day and age I’m reluctant to post. I’ve been sorting through them very very very slowly over the past years with the hopes of posting only the ones of adults. I hope to get both permission and the sorting at some point.


Thanks for posting these, l2bc. Since I saw the archive of the old page, I’ve been wondering if there are any more stories that aren’t showing up in the archive version? In particular, one story I’ve been looking for for years. It’s about two long haired sisters, bride and bridesmaid, who go to the salon for their wedding styles. Scissor happy stylists compete with each other to take them shorter, and they both end up cropped.

Rng any bells with anyone?

(I know I could just wait for you to post them all, but I’m impatient!)

I think that one was “Cindy’s Wedding” or “The Wedding”… I might be combining two stories with that first suggestion :wink:

Unfortunately, I can’t remember who wrote it since it’s been more than 25 years. Evie, maybe?

Cindy’s Wedding was by novowriter (no idea how I remembered that!) but it’s not the one I’m after. Thanks for playing, though!

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@f35h I’m not sure on the source of the story you’re looking for. I remember a few that seem familiar but don’t remember names.

There are 3 more stories from Amanda’s page I’m posting: Hermione’s Hair Growing potion, Romeo and Juliet, and Bianca and Debbie. None really match what you’re describing.

OK, thanks. It was always a long shot :slight_smile: