Does anyone know how to cancel a subscription

I got a subscription on’s main website, not their Youtube premium videos, just for this month. However, it’s reoccurring and there’s no cancel button like their used to be. It says to contact their customer service through their in-website submit box, and I haven’t heard anything back after submitting my request. The website is a lot crappier from what I remember. It seems like a lot of videos got removed. Does anyone know how to resolve my canceling issue? I don’t want to have to call my bank and tell them not to pay them anymore if that’s even possible.

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Yes you have to cancel subscription directly from paypal

That’s the thing, I remember it used to be through Paypal but when I paid this time it wouldn’t let me connect with Paypal. I just used my direct card info.

You gotta call your card provider and request to cancel this recurring charge

I had to do the same thing recently. What made it worse is i got double charged because it said didnt go through. The second month i also got double charged. I emailed every email on the websitse no response for a month. I finally had to cancel the card because my credit card company said it couldnt stop another charge because they had the number on the card.

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Ya I just canceled my card too.

Wow :flushed:

Ya not ever doing that again.

I had subscription by card last month and I got it cancelled with no issues after I wrote to support.

Wow! I think I’ve only used PayPal the few times I subscribed and cancelled through there. One the of the reasons I use PayPal for things

What email worked ?? Because i was still double billed. I need a refund of $66 (2 months charged twice).

I guess everyone runs into this huh, yep cancel card