Anyone want to shave my head?

Anyone interested in shaving my head? There isn’t a ton there. It’s a little past an inch, so not a lot but enough to see it fall to the floor. I know I could go to a salon but I figured I’d try here. See if anyone has the urge at the moment haha. Or needs the practice, just wants someone to tie up and shave. Send me a dm, let’s talk. I’m located in Whitby, Ontario.


If I wasn’t on the other side of the world :sweat_smile:

Why do none of these posts come from the uk lol!

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I’m thinking the same thing lol. If I lived over there I’ve got a line up of guys waiting to have their turn :rofl: geeze I’d never get the chance to grow my hair out at all lmao

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I will. I live in the area. Female or male?