Any home brewers?

Firearms thread has been enjoyable. In the same vein, any home brewers here? Just finished bottling a Shiraz tonight. Do wines, beers, and meades.

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I used to do beer. But then I realized I was better at drinking it than making it.


Or if you’re drunk enough, your beer will taste good

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are you doing all-grain brews?

I’m not doing anything any more. But when I did I was doing all grain.

Ended up selling all my stuff to a friend. He actually makes some decent stuff.

My buddy across the street dabbles in beers. Pretty decent. :+1:.
Of course he also knows very well his way to my fridge in the garage where I keep my Pabst Blue Ribbons and Miller High Lifes (I’m old school :beers:) and usually a bottle of whiskey and Tequila in the freezer.

I’m pretty accomplished myself, at drinking it :smiley: :beers:. Cheers!

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I do all grain mostly. More control over the final result.

I’ve been brewing beer for a few years but have never been particularly happy with the result. Then considering the cost and the work behind it, I decided it was better to buy it already made. In recent years, however, I have started to bottle Prosecco and that is giving me great satisfaction. I buy it in demijohns paying about € 1.50 per liter and, with the right moon, I bottle it. After 2/3 weeks it is already perfect and, believe me, never a headache.

That’s cool. Do you do the whole methode champenoise ? (It seems like a lot of work). If not how is the sediment from the bottle fermentation ?

I’ve always wanted to try sparkling wines.

I know nothing about methods… A friend of mine has a cellar, many vineyards and produces wine. Professionally, I know that he filters it and puts it in an autoclave, but he taught me how to bottle it at home. Just bottle it during the week of the new moon and wait not less than 2/3 weeks, that’s it. Sure, it remains slightly cloudy but it gives it that homemade charm, and it’s delicious. We use Glera as grapes.

Thanks. Ive been wanting to try it, now I have to try it myself.