For anyone who donated to Liz Allen and enjoyed her haircut, what do we think about creating a go fund me for Amber to cut her hair? She said for $5000 (I’ve already paid $1000 of it) she’s willing to get a high n tight exactly like what Lisa Cimorelli had done. Obviously I probably couldn’t run the GoFundMe myself but I’m down to brainstorm some ideas to make this happen. Here’s her hair now-

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Does amber like to post photos and videos of herself regularly? Does she engage with people? Are we able to follow her? Liz was a bit special for those reasons.

I have contact with Amber. I already gave her a down payment of $1000 USD to maintain her interest

For this to be legit, amber will need to post the go fund me to her Instagram page and have a video letting her followers know it’s happening. Otherwise no one would actually donate

Oh yeah 100%. Definitely not trying to screw you guys hahah! I was the one who convinced Liz to make her go fund me

Except for Ironcondor, evidently, who has already given her an advance payment of $1000 USD to get her to “maintain her interest”.

Well originally I was going to make the payments myself to have her do my own custom video, and I would receive the hair as well. But then I realized I couldn’t afford it, and she wouldn’t do refunds


Haven’t spoken to her much since summer, but I’d really really love to make it happen. Seems like she’s more than willing to go to a barbershop and get it all cut off!

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I say go for it then. There is no disadvantage to her setting up a go fund me. Send her Liz’s as an example of how successful it can be

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Are we able to follow her? I see her Instagram is private.

Oh! I’m not sure when she went private. But yeah, follow her, hopefully she accepts!

Got no response from my request. Removed it. Didn’t want to jeopardize your chances at cutting off that hair

I know she got married recently and it seems she’s taking some time off social media. I don’t want to bug her too much, but just know that she’s definitely down for the haircut.

Appreciate the effort to not be “creepy”! We need more like you in the community

Please keep us posted if there is any progress. Personally I’d rather see her bob it than buzz it, but either way it would be an epic makeover.

I follow her on instagram from a long time ago but have never messaged her.

Do you have any insight as to what her husband thinks of the hair or of the modeling? The newlywed year is a golden opportunity to make a big change especially if she wants to be done with the modeling or the Rapunzel label.

Unfortunately she’s been extremely inactive ever since the wedding! I’ve been trying to get ahold of her for awhile now. I still think she would love to cut it, but she’ll need a hefty sum to go for the chop