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by artibus
24 Feb 2008, 14:09
Forum: Off The Wall
Topic: On Valentines day...
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Re: On Valentines day...

Although I did not know him, I am so sorry for your loss. I too have battled depression over the course of my life and must admit to having similar thoughts at times even though I have been really blessed with a wonderful family, home, and business. Life can be so tough at times, but the one thing I...
by artibus
17 Feb 2008, 16:35
Forum: Off The Wall
Topic: Beautiful new look Forum
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Re: Beautiful new look Forum

This place is great. tattoox, I remember your old site years had pics and a handful of video clips. At the time, I had only a prized vhs tape with about ten seconds of the scene from "caged" that I had managed to record. Finding your site back then was just awesome man..........and here...
by artibus
11 Feb 2008, 01:37
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Topic: New Moderator !!
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Re: New Moderator !!

Congratulations! and Thank you!

I'm a relative newbie here but I appreciate those who work hard and give of themselves for the rest of us.
by artibus
10 Feb 2008, 01:45
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in the immortal words of one jackietreehorn....
"cold beer, fried chicken, college football, and beautiful longhaired willing models make my world go 'round"

actually it was something close to that. i miss jackie