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by F-Man
13 Aug 2019, 20:48
Forum: Off The Wall
Topic: Instagram fetish troll
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Re: Instagram fetish troll

I'm surprised those pages aren't filled with shittyass fake 'virtual headshaves' of Indian celebrities. They have literally THOUSANDS of amateurs in India who shave their heads smooth for religious purposes and post photos of their bald heads on social media (plus dozens of beautiful non-famous act...
by F-Man
17 Jul 2019, 20:04
Forum: Off The Wall
Topic: Well, I kinda like it.
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Re: Well, I kinda like it.

Looks like she had an accident with some hedge trimmers and a can of hairspray...I don't dislike it though.
by F-Man
02 Feb 2017, 10:31
Forum: Off The Wall
Topic: Politic rants
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Re: Accidentally meeting people from hair videos and images in real life...

by F-Man
19 Mar 2016, 14:15
Forum: Off The Wall
Topic: The beer thread
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Re: The beer thread

I don't think we can get any of them in the UK sadly - but some of my UK favorites are:

Courage Directors (very smooth and drinkable)
London Pride
Fuller's Honey Dew
Saint Michel's (one of the few largers I like)
Thornbridge's Jaipur (a very sharp IPA).